Produzioni Teatrali
Campagna di sensibilizzazione contro l'abuso di alcol

Marcello Lippi


“None of us is as strong as all of us”
The campaign aims at advocating cultural and social integration by promoting “ethnic diversity” as and added value to our society. Remove discriminatory practises, such as race, sex or national origin will enrich and encourage all of us to become active promoters of solidarity and facing discrimination.
The charismatic soccer team manager of Italian national football witnesses the team spirit by increasing in value the different features of his players.
Players in the spot, come from different countries and all together, each playing his own role, will win the game.


Production Year 2010
Category social communication campaign
Media regional film circuit and national tv listings
Author Maria Teresa Carpino
Screenwriters Maria Teresa Carpino e Alessandro Liggieri
Directed by Gabrio Marinelli